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New airweave Mattress Advanced Powered byMattressFit new! low stock!


airweave MattressFit is an industry-first technology designed to improve sleep through body measurement analysis to achieve proper sleep posture.

Just 5 minutes & 2 photos is all it takes to get your ideal mattress configuration for our New airweave Mattress Advanced

One firmness throughout the mattress will never satisfy the needs of every individual's body type. With the New Mattress Advanced and MattressFit you'll achieve proper spine alignment.

Our research shows that proper spine alignment and sleep posture reduces the amount of energy exerted while sleeping (when you roll over) so you wake up more refreshed.

New Tech For Better Sleep

airweave MattressFit is a web-based app for body measurement analysis, developed to provide our customers with personalized mattress configurations for the New Airweave Mattress Advanced. A smartphone and someone on-hand to take 2 photos of you is all you need to begin.

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Different At It's Core

Wake Up With Less Pain

The firm supportive feel of airfiber® helps maintain the body's natural posture better than on a soft mattress like memory foam. 70% of customers choose airweave due to back and joint pain.

Cooler For Deeper Sleep

Airfiber® is proven to lower core body temperature faster so you fall into a deeper sleep faster. Deep sleep on airfiber® has been proven to be 308% longer than sleeping on memory foam.

Re-energizing & Refreshing

We all naturally turn-over while sleeping, but only airweave helps you do that with ease. With 53 - 66% less muscle activity than sleeping on memory foam, you'll notice the difference when you wake up and feel more refreshed instead of tired.

A Cleaner Mattress

airfiber® does not attract mold, dust mites or even bedbugs. And as the only 100% washable mattress, airweave allows you to sleep with less dust and germs. You can breathe easier, rest easier, and wake up more refreshed.

What is airfiber?

Airfiber is our proprietary technology and material that makes up the core of our mattresses. Through its unique interwoven design, airfiber helps you move easily, evenly distributes weight and allows airflow to help keep you in a deeper more restful sleep.


Easily Flip & Rotate To Adjust Firmness

DUAL MODE is our engineering technology that produces a different firmness on either side our airfiber® material. The New Advanced is equipped with 3 DUAL MODE airfiber® blocks and 3 firmness levels to choose from (Soft, Moderate, Firm).

Why Modular?



All of our mattresses are uniquely firm and supportive, and highly breathable. But each one has a variation on the firmness or customizable features for you to choose from. See our Comparison chart for all the details.

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