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March is sleep awareness month

Sleep deprivation is a real health crisis. The CDC has reported that one-third of U.S. adults don’t get enough sleep and 80 percent of people report sleep problems at least once per week. Problems can arise from a number of different health and environmental factors. Here are some tips to improve:

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule 7 nights a week. Use a sleep monitoring app to learn patterns and how many hours of sleep you actually need.

  • Power down. The blue lights of our laptops and cell phones reduce the natural production of melatonin that's needed to help us fall asleep.

  • Assess your sleep environment. Temperature, light, blankets and sleep surface all contribute to sleep quality.

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With airweave, you'll experience a faster reduction in core body temperature, and enjoy ease of movement while sleeping. These two factors have been backed by scientific research to improve sleep quality. Your typical bed in a box contains hot, sluggish memory foam - don't sleep on it! And don't sleep on our $100 off offer!

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