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airweave Futon

The Futon is thick enough to use on it's own, or used as a mattress topper for a plush, luxurious feel with all the benefits of airfiber®. An all-weather outer cover features a velvety soft side for cooler days and a breathable thin layer on the other side for when it's hotter. Easily folds and has handles to carry.


Backed By Science To Improve Your Sleep

Our Founder, Motokuni Takaoka created our Futon to satisfy a need for a special sleep surface that would help his aches and pains due to a car accident. Using his Uncle's fishing line factory, he re-engineerd the machines to create this unique material we call airfiber®.

  • Supportive from every angle. The firm, resilient feel of our products provides the support you need for optimal spinal posture and can provide pressure and pain relief many experience from a soft mattress.

  • Designed to breathe. Compared to memory foam, airweave can significantly lower your core body temperature thanks to its breathable design. This means you'll enjoy a deeper more restorative sleep.

  • Sleep is an active state. But when you exert less energy at night, you wake up feeling more refreshed. Airweave allows for ease of movement and very low level of motion transfer so you stay in a deep sleep. You'll feel like you're floating on air and not sinking into your mattress.

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Interested in the full mattress and duvet set? Our Hyperdown Duvet makes the perfect companion to the Futon to optimize your comfort.

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