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Presidents Day Sale 10% Off Sitewide (No Code Necessary) SHOP NOW.

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We take a 360° approach to environmental responsibility by designing a product with a lower carbon footprint and less waste than most traditional mattress brands.


Why airfiber®
Is Earth-Friendly

Our proprietary airfiber® material is made of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), a material that can endure the strictest test in the field of durability, safety, hygiene and environmental friendliness.

  • LLDPE is in a family of polyethelyne plastics that are the safest. It's food grade and nontoxic.

  • It is an efficient raw material. When using LLDPE to create airfiber® and other products, the emission of harmful substances and waste is minimal.

  • It is highly suitable for recycling. LLDPE is a thermoplastic material which means that it can be melted unlimited times to make new products.

The Production & Transportation of airweave

  • Our factory uses less energy. The formation process of airfiber® occurs at a low temperature, unlike springs or foam which require high heat.

  • Reducing weight of cargo is the #1 way to combat increasing emissions in our air. airweave is 30% lighter than most mattresses which means less fuel and emissions are put into the air.

Shop Earth-Friendly Mattresses

Over the course of a year Americans dispose of 20 million mattresses in landfills. That's approximately 460 million cubic feet of waste. There is no other mattress than airweave that has a 100% recyclable core material.

How airfiber® is recycled

airweave proves to be good for both people and the planet. Our airfiber® mattress cores are made of a 100% recyclable material which can be easily melted down and repurposed into new goods. Learn about the steps below.

  • STEP 1

    Used airfiber® is collected and transferred to a recycling facility to be broken down by what's called a fracturing process.

  • STEP 2

    The fractured material is then melted down and goes through an extrusion and cooling process.

  • STEP 3

    This creates the pellets which will then be sent off to new factories to be re-melted and molded...

  • STEP 4

    ...transforming airfiber® into everyday household products.

  • airweave Reports 100% Landfill Diversion for Q1

    We are pleased to share that 100% of airweave mattresses disposed in the first quarter of 2017 by our partner, 1800-GOT-JUNK, were either recycled or donated. With our continued partnership we are working to ensure every airweave mattress stays away from a landfill!

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