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Reducing Pressure & Pain

Choosing a new sleep surface could be the answer to relieving your back and joint pain. See why airweave's firm and supportive line of mattresses might be the right choice for you.


A Study Of Spinal Posture On Varying Sleep Surfaces

Dr. Koji Kanoka is an orthopedic surgeon and professor of sports sciences at Waseda University in Tokyo. Dr. Kanoka has been involved in the education & research of sports medicine and served as a doctor of the JOC HQ for the London Olympics. He specializes in athlete's lower back pain prevention research, is a leading researcher in deep muscle trunk research, and a published author on these subjects.

  • "I have received many complaints from top athletes competing around the globe that the hotel beds are too soft that they sink in, or their lower back hurts when they wake up in the morning. These observations apply to anyone who feels pain when they "arch" their back or when sleeping on a soft surface. When this happens, doctors will often recommend trying a firmer surface, sleep on their side, or place a pillow below their knees to give support to their back.

  • It is well known that many people feel the pain stronger when arching their back, but no one has conducted any scientific analysis on how mattress affects one's spine alignment. So we took an MRI of the lower back when sleeping on different surfaces - soft mattress, airweave Top Mattress, and the floor (no mattress). We found that the angle of sacrum gets steeper on a soft mattress than on airweave top mattress or on the floor which means more arching caused by the hip sinking into the soft mattress.

  • We see that a natural posture is maintained on the airweave Top Mattress. These findings suggest that airweave may help prevent lower back pain with better lower back support, keeping lower back arching minimum, when compared to a softer mattress."

Support From Every Angle Relieves Pressure

The resilient, three-dimensionally woven airfiber® core in every airweave product gently supports you from every angle and distributes your weight evenly. This minimizes pressure points and reduces physical strain while sleeping so you wake up feeling invigorated.

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