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No other community understands the importance of sleep more than elite athletes, which is why we are proud to be the mattress of choice for some of the world’s best. From our inception in 2007, we have worked with top athletes, gathering product feedback and conducting scientific sleep research, to help provide everyone with the best sleep possible.


Sleep Like An Elite Athlete

“Sleeping well is an incredibly important part of an athlete’s preparation and recuperation in training and competition. Having airweave on board with our team is a vital." - Troy Taylor, U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team High Performance Director

  • Arielle Gold - Bronze Medalist, Snowboard Halfpipe

    "250 out of 365 nights are spent away from home but it's nice one thing has stayed the same. Thanks airweave for the sleep gear that I can rely on."

  • Kei Nishikori - Professional Tennis Player

    "The firmness of airweave exactly fits my body so I do not feel lower back pain when I wake up. Having good sleep helps my conditioning during competitions."

  • Mao Asada - 3x Figure Skating World Champion

    "I've used airweave since 2009. I feel like I'm being lifted in the air, so I can turn over easily. My body and even my mind feel light as I fall asleep."

  • Ross McGraw - Team USA Triathlete

    "Why shouldn’t you be just as selective when choosing the right mattress as you are with your equipment? There was an initial research and trial period to see all the options and ultimately a very calculated decision on which airweave was right for my needs."

  • Sleep Study: The Effects Of Sleep On Athletic Performance

    • Thanks to our unique airfiber® material, airweave provides natural airflow throughout the mattress. When compared to memory foam, the more breathable design of airfiber® is shown to keep your core body temperature significantly lower throughout the night so you stay cooler.

    • When recording the number of minutes subjects were in the deep sleep stage. results suggest that a cooler state of sleep provided by airweave increased time spent in a deep sleep. This stage of sleep is when your body repairs and recovers the most so the longer time spent, the better.

    • We then put our subjects, who were all training athletes at IMG Academy, through a series of performance tests. The results showed that those who slept on airweave measured improved sprint times & coordination than those who slept on memory foam.

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    Airweave mattresses not only power days spent on the greatest athletic world stages, but also days at the office, at school, and everywhere in between.
    "You don’t have to be preparing for competition to appreciate the benefits of a deep, peaceful night’s sleep" — Mr. Motokuni Takaoka, CEO and Founder of airweave.

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