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airweave sleep research

Science-Backed Sleep

Airweave was founded on the principle that it's not about what you feel when you get into bed that makes the mattress, it's about how you feel when you wake up. So we take a scientific approach to everything we do to make sure our products provide The Quality Sleep so you feel better the next day.

Airweave Sleep Research Published

A commissioned sleep study conducted at the Ota Memorial Sleep Center in Japan was accepted to the scientific journal by the Public Library of Science in 2018! The study's goal was to observe the effects that two different sleep surfaces (airweave's airfiber® and memory foam) have on sleep quality.

  • REAL, unbiased research

    We've all seen mattress brands tout scientific research in their advertising but airweave's sleep research is the only of its kind to be accepted by a medical journal. A testament to our work to design innovative, effective mattresses.

  • Exerting less energy for deeper sleep

    Subjects sleeping on low rebound memory foam showed increased muscle activity needed to generate a rolling over motion than Low Rebound airfiber®.

  • Change In Core Body Temperature

    Longer lasting decrease in core body temperature was seen in subjects sleeping on airweave than those sleeping on memory foam.

  • Results From Sleep Research

    • From our 2011 research at the Ota Memorial Sleep Center, we compared body temperature measurements throughout the night of subjects sleeping on airweave and on memory foam. The results show that sleeping on airweave lowered the core body temperature faster and kept the subject cooler throughout the night.

    • As we found that airweave promoted a greater reduction of the core body temperature at the Ota Memorial Sleep Center, results also suggest that this cooler state of sleep promoted time spent in a deeper state of sleep when compared to memory foam. Deep, restorative sleep provides the recovery your body needs to perform at its best.

    • Between 2014 and 2016, we conducted a sleep study comparing airweave and memory foam with athletes at IMG Academy. By conducting a series of performance tests, we found that those who slept on airweave measured improved sprint times and coordination than those who slept on memory foam.

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