Save $200 with code: BUNDLE200 when you purchase our Hyperdown Duvet with any Mattress or Topper!

Save $200 with code: BUNDLE200 when you purchase our Hyperdown Duvet with any Mattress or Topper!

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Sleep Study

We teamed with top sleep researchers and IMG Academy to study which sleep surface (airweave or conventional memory foam) could provide a more restorative sleep and improve performance. After a series of tests, we were able to see just how airweave's breathable design will help you to wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on your day.

Stay Cool - Sleep Better - Improve Performance

  • Airweave is designed to breathe thanks to our unique airfiber® material. By allowing natural airflow throughout the mattress, your core body temperature lowers. This graph compares body temperature measurements throughout the night of subjects sleeping on airweave and memory foam. The results show that sleeping on airweave will keep you cooler.

  • As we found that airweave promoted a greater reduction of the core body temperature, results also suggest that this cooler state of sleep promoted time spent in a deeper state of sleep when compared to memory foam. Deep, restorative sleep provides the recovery your body needs to perform at its best.

  • After finding that airweave can lower core body temperature and increase time spent in a deep, restorative state of sleep, we put training athletes to the test. By conducting a series of performance tests, we found that those who slept on airweave measured improved sprint times and coordination than those who slept on memory foam.

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Science-Backed Sleep

airweave was founded on the principle that it's not about how you feel when you get into bed that makes the mattress, it's about how you feel when you wake up. So we take a scientific approach to everything we do to make sure our products provide The Quality Sleep so you feel better the next day.
For a copy of our official Sleep Study report, click here.

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