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airweave Presents

The Cleanest Mattress On Earth

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. That's plenty of time for sweat, dust mites, dander, and dirt to build up on our mattresses. Airweave is the ONLY 100% washable mattress on the market.


Maximum Cleanliness Minimal Effort

Unlike traditional mattresses, airweave is 100% washable. Easily wash every product and get back to the stuff that matters the most in your life.

  • OUTER COVER: With airweave you can simply unzip, machine wash, and air dry the outer cover. Makes you wonder why more mattresses don't have a removable cover!

  • INNER CORE: Our unique airfiber® core material is made of a food grade, non toxic plastic. It can be rinsed with cool water and mild detergent. Easily spot clean or use a hose or shower head.

Innovation For Cleanliness

airfiber® is our patented core material found in every airweave product. airfiber® can easily be rinsed with water allowing you to wash the inside of your mattress.

The Cleanest Mattress On Earth

Made for people like you!

  • Allergy Sufferers

    Hypo-allergenic and easy to clean. Say goodbye to dust mites and dander when you wash your mattress!

  • Children & Pets

    Time spent in bed with the entire family (four-legged too) is the best. Have fun knowing that spills and pet hair can easily be removed.

  • City Dwellers

    The #1 way to fight bed bugs is with a washable mattress. In addition, airfiber's breathable, 3-dimensionally woven design makes for an undesirable environment for critters to live in, unlike foam & spring mattresses.

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    More Reasons To Love Airweave

    • Our firm mattresses provide support from every angle and will have you feeling like you're floating on air. This helps you move with ease while asleep and can relieve pressure and pain.

    • Perfect for couples, airweave provides little-to-no motion transfer to the other side of the bed, helping everyone get the best sleep possible.

    • Airfiber® allows natural airflow through the mattress thanks to it's unique 3-dimensionally woven design. The airflow regulates your core body temperature better than any traditional mattress material so you never feel too hot.

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